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In summer you can often see the red deer, chamois and roe from our house


The red deer

Here you see a red deer crossing the Hönig in the winter of 2011. It was very dangerous for the red deer because of the many snow and the danger of an avalanche.

The picture was taken with a SLR through a spyglass. The distance was approximately 2100m.

Hirsch bei der Überquerung des Hönigs Bild 01Hirsch bei der Überquerung des Hönigs Bild 02Hirsch bei der Überquerung des Hönigs Bild 03


The roe

The pictures show roes at the feeding area and fawns. A fawn must not be toughed. There is the danger that it's mother will not accept it anymore.

Rehkitz Bild 01Rehkitz Bild 02Bei der Fütterung


The goldcrest

Das Wintergoldhähnchen

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